Alpha Exploration (ALEX.V) has recently completed its small drill program on the Kona West and Tolegimja VMS zones on the Kerkasha project.

Nine RC holes were drilled on the Tolegimja prospect for a total of almost 1,900 meters and visual logging of the rock chip samples confirmed massive sulphides were encountered in two holes, hole 3 and 9 at Tolegimja. That’s encouraging as it means the exploration theory has its merits, but as CEO Hopley correctly states in the press release ‘the real significance won’t be known until the assay results come in’. Alpha Exploration expects to be able to release those assay results next month.

The Kona West drill program was disappointing as none of the holes drilled at Kona West reached their target depth due to large volumes of ground water. After (trying to) drill two holes, the company called it a day and the rig has moved to the Aburna gold prospect where it will follow up on recent trench results where 45 meters of 3.75 g/t gold were encountered. Kona West obviously isn’t dead, it will just require a different exploration approach and a diamond drill rig should be sufficient to reach the target depth.

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