Oblique view to NorthEast of the Shumagin Zone. Blue Solid along south side of the Shumagin Master Fault is Modeled Conductivity data from griddid IP surveys. The conductivity solid clearly delineates faulted geological contacts between Hangingwall Tuff (Conductive) and Footwall basalt/Andesite (Magnetic, Resistive-Chargeable.) and highlights splaying of the Shumagin Fault to the southwest along strike for ~600 meters and remains open.

Redstar Gold: Interview with CEO Peter Ball

A few months ago, Redstar Gold (RGC.V) released a set of drill results from the summer drill program at Unga Island, and even though the company’s drill core contained visible gold, the assay results were disappointing. As we mentioned before, exploration isn’t an exact science and if anything, Redstar continues […]

Graphite Sample from Sri-Lanka

Interview with Ceylon Graphite

Even though the real ‘hype’ surrounding graphite and the graphite market is over (which we don’t mind, as this allows the serious companies to come to surface), it’s definitely still possible to come across some really interesting graphite companies. You might remember we covered Elcora Graphite (ERA.V) approximately two years […]