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1. Can I follow updates through other channels?

Yes, you can follow our feed on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedinTumblr or RSS. Or subscribe to our newsletter to receive a summary of updates in your mailbox.

2. Why should I subscribe to the newsletter?

If you prefer to be updated through email, you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of every page. You will receive a weekly email with a summary of our website updates.

3. Am I allowed to use articles or pictures?

No, articles and pictures from this website are intellectual property. If you would like to use this material, please contact us and we might give written permission to do so. This does not apply for images and content referenced from third parties.


About Caesars Report

1. What does Caesars Report do?

CaesarsReport.com is an online mining portal focusing on (junior) mining companies. In the coming years securing resources will be fundamental to sustaining growth so this will remain a key area of investor interest.  Our aim is to inform our readers, provide them with our findings and to give them an incentive to do further research. We visit interesting companies ourselves and report from the source. We are also present on numerous events all over the world, ranging from the PDAC International Convention in Toronto to smaller roadshows all over Europe. As we are not a registered investment advisor, please always do your own research.

2. Why mining companies?

Commodities will always be in demand. In the coming years securing resources will be fundamental to sustain growth and to supply our planet with the necessary building blocks.
The volatility associated with small companies makes investing in mining and commodity stocks very risky. By researching and investigating hundreds of companies, we may increase the odds of finding the right horse, but there are obviously external factors at play as well. The share price of mining stocks depends on the supply and demand of commodities, the company’s fundamentals, the exploration potential and the general market sentiment.

3. Why junior companies?

We prefer smallcap stocks above regular Blue Chips, because the news flow has a much bigger impact on the valuation of these companies. Getting involved in the early stage companies bears more risk, but also creates the opportunity to buy great companies at decent prices. We only provide our opinion on companies, and you should always do your own due diligence to find out if an investment is suitable for you.

4. Does Caesars Report buy stocks they write about?

Yes, we usually always have a long position on the companies we release full reports on, meaning that we have ‘skin in the game’. When stock prices go up, we make a profit, when they go down, we suffer as well. We can always reduce or add to our position without any warning, but unless indicated otherwise, we will not be trading in any securities of a company within 72 hours after publishing an update.

5. Is Caesars Report a registered investment advisor?

No, we are not registered investment advisors. We inform our readers on companies we think are attractive and mention whether or not we do have a position. Therefore it is essential that you understand that we hold no responsibility for anything you do and that’s why we always insist that our readers do personal research. Please read our terms and conditions.



1. Which companies have you already visited?

When we visit a company, we add the site visit pictures to our site visits page.

2. Does Caesars get paid by companies?

Yes, we aren’t a non-profit organization and companies or third parties sponsor the website. However, we remain independent as we are still allowed to give our own opinion. Companies sponsor the website, but they aren’t ‘buying’ recommendations. We will always try to provide a fair and balanced overview of every company whether or not that company is a sponsor of the website, but a certain bias can never be fully excluded.

Thanks to our sponsors, we can visit other interesting companies ourselves and report from the source. More important is that we can share this information with our subscribers and readers free of charge. We are constantly reviewing new projects, filtering out the very best opportunities and investing our own time in meeting those select companies face to face through roadshows and site visits.

It is also important to note that we usually always have a long position in the companies we cover, meaning that we have ‘skin in the game’. When stock prices go up, we make a profit, when they go down, we suffer as well.

3. Which exploration companies are currently sponsoring the website?

All featured companies can be found at our company page.

4. What services do you provide to companies?

Please contact us for more information.