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ALX Uranium (ALX.V) is gearing up for a new exploration program at its uranium projects in Canada’s Athabasca Basin.

At the Hook-Carter project, the company will be following up on the previous exploration results generated by the HeliSAM TEM survey when the company completed an airborne geophysical survey completing in excess of 100 line kilometers in order to better define the existing trend. Historical exploration activities have indicated the Patterson Lake Corridor is continuing for in excess of 12 kilometers in the northeastern direction from the Triple R project owned by Fission Uranium (FCU.TO) and Nexgen Energy’s (NXE.TO) Arrow project, and that’s exactly where the Hook-Carter property is located.

ALX Uranium Hook Carter Athabasca Basin 2

Meanwhile, one of the company’s consultants has updated the existing exploration database and completed a geochemical review of Hook-Carter by ‘comparing the distribution of geochemical and radiochemical signatures indicating potential uranium mineralization with the interpreted litho-structural features’. That’s a big mouthful but it just means the geochem results are being compared with the type of rock in the ground to see where the chances to encounter (high-grade) uranium would be the highest.

This review has identified three ‘preferred targets’, of which two are located along the Patterson Lake Corridor whilst a third one is located in the Derkson Corridor, which has a known strike length of almost 6 kilometers. All three ‘hot spots’ will be the subject of gravity surveys to finalize drill targets.

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