We’ll probably still have to wait a few weeks before we see the assay results, but visual inspection of the drill core on-site has confirmed Brigadier Gold’s (BRG.V) ongoing 40 hole drill program has once again hit the San Agustin vein at depth.

We already discussed the importance of the first hole successfully intersecting the vein at depth, and hole 2, which was collared at the same location as hole 1, intersected the vein 25 meters below hole 1 while hole 3 further confirmed the vertical extension by an additional 40 meters below hole 2 (for a total depth of around 65 meters below the vein intersected in hole 1 of the drill program. This means the total vertical extent of the San Agustin vein now reaches 170 meters from surface – and that’s how one can accelerate building tonnage.

Again, hitting the vein does not guarantee the vein will contain economic grades of gold and silver (and hole 1 may be tricky due to the poor core recovery as the hole seems to have hit some old workings), so we are keen to see the assay results from the lab. Brigadier Gold has shared silver values from an XRF reading in the field. Hole 4 shows 13 meters of 86 g/t silver and hole 5 encountered 23 meters of 68 g/t silver. Low-grade indeed, but keep in mind San Agustin is a silver-gold system and XRF readings don’t work well on gold. While a standalone scenario of 86 g/t silver won’t work, if there’s a 2-3 g/t gold kicker, it’s a whole different story, so we are anxiously awaiting the lab results.

This will probably take another few weeks, and we expect Brigadier Gold to continue providing updates as the 5,000 meter drill program progresses.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Brigadier Gold. Brigadier is a sponsor of the website.

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