Brigadier Gold (BRG.V) has released the results of a sampling program focusing on the El Placer vein area (which appears to host three different vein structures: Tatemales, La Botica and Los Lentes) which has now been traced for a total length of approximately 4 kilometers (with a portion of the vein system located on land owned by Fresnillo, as you can see on the image above). This exploration program was based on historical sediment sampling results conducted by the Mexican Geological Survey which yielded gold and base metal results in the creeks that drain the El Placer area:

These results were a good enough reason for Brigadier to follow up with its own stream sediment sampling program which grosso modo yielded the same results: interesting anomalous gold valuesbut what’s perhaps even more intriguing are the high base metal values. Sample 64265 for instance contains 0.55% ZnPb which is quite elevated for a stream sediment sample.

Highly encouraging results indeed, and this validates the El Placer vein system as an interesting exploration target. The company has been sampling the vein systems in the southeastern portion (where Brigadier has been able to follow the vein for a distance of 1,400 meters on its ground, but the vein system appears to continue on both sides onto third party land) and the samples appear to confirm the type of mineralization encountered in the sediment sampling program: good gold values, weak to moderate silver values and excellent zinc-lead values and this base metal component is pretty interesting.

Meanwhile the drill program at Picachos is ongoing, and we hope to see some initial drill results by the end of this month.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Brigadier Gold. Brigadier is a sponsor of the website.

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