Brixton Metals (BBB.V) has released the assay results from its summer 2019 exploration program on the Atlin Goldfields project in British Columbia where it drill-tested the LD and Pictou zones where Brixton was aiming to confirm the existing gold mineralization that had been discovered before.

Of the 22 holes that were drilled on the project, 13 contained gold (a 59% success ratio) and although most gold-bearing intervals were encountered close to surface, the intervals were relatively short, often between 1 and 3 meters. The average gold grade would be acceptable for open pit scenarios but aren’t extremely exciting, even when expressed in gram-meters. The table which contains all relevant intervals can be found here below.

Brixton’s exploration program consisted of more than just a few drill holes as it also completed a geochemical survey over other areas of interest, and the grab samples of 45 g/t and 6.1 g/t at Union Mountain (around 4 kilometers away from the LD Zone) is what Brixton calls ‘a new area of interest’. A total of 1338 samples (1228 soil samples, 110 rock grab samples) were taken from different areas of the Atlin Goldfields project. A lot of samples, and 31 of the soil samples (2.5%) contained in excess of 0.1  g/t gold with while encountering values as high as 8.03 g/t.

Of the 110 rock grab samples, 8 (7.3%) contained values of in excess of 0.1 g/t gold, including the two high-grade samples at Union Mountain. In fact, half of the 8 samples with a grade of in excess of 0.1 g/t actually yielded high-grade results (rather than carrying just an anomalous grade) as on top of the two results from Union Mountain, the program also returned 1.6 g/t gold from the LD Zone and 8.57 g/t from the Imperial Mine.

Now the results of the Atlin Goldfields program have been released, all eyes will be on the ongoing drill program at Thorn where the company is following up on the thick layer of polymetallic mineralization it encountered earlier this year. A 7-10,000 meter drill program is underway.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Brixton Metals. Brixton is a sponsor of the website.

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