Brixton Metals (BBB.V) has now initiated its Phase II drill program at Thorn after the one deep hole that was drilled earlier this year as the company would obviously like to get as many meters in as possible before the weather changes in Northern British Columbia.

Brixton expects to drill 7-10,000 meters at Thorn before the winter sets in, using two drill rigs to drill HQ and NQ type holes, focusing on two porphyry targets on the Chivas zone and the Camp Creek Copper corridor.

All eyes are now on Thorn as Brixton has directs its Atlin crews to Thorn as well, after having completed 22 drill holes at Atlin. Those holes were relatively shallow (with an average depth of 73.5 meters) and were focusing on the LD Showing (18 holes) and the Pictou Showing (4 holes). On top of the drill program, Brixton’s field team also sent in excess of 1,500 samples (1395 soil samples and 139 rock samples) to the lab for further analysis, while an airborne magnetic survey completed almost 2,000 line kilometers. No assay results have been published yet, but we expect to see some of the initial lab results later this month.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Brixton Metals. Brixton is a sponsor of the website.

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