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Callinex Mines (CNX.V) has received an additional batch of drill results from its ongoing drill program at Pine Bay, Manitoba. Hole 93W02 did intersect the Pine Bay horizon at a depth of 1264 to 1272 meters down-hole, intersecting three copper-rich stringer zones with a few higher grade results, albeit over a very short interval (0.2 meters at 3.42% Cu).

Callinex Mines CNX Pine Bay 2

Callinex has now also completed holes PBM 017 and PBM 019, which were drilled to test the down plunge extent of the previously reported 93DPN-hole, but at approximately 300 meters lower than that hole. A first BPEM survey in hole 17 didn’t identify any nearby conductors, and the focus will now be on drill hole 19 where another BPEM survey was scheduled. This will be extremely important for Callinex Mines as the BPEM results will allow the company to determine and finetune potential other drill targets in the close vicinity, and Callinex will very likely focus its exploration plans on the zone along strike of this new zone, where no previous drilling has occurred beneath a depth of 200 meters.

Exploration is never easy and it’s obviously always disappointing when assay results don’t show any significant results, but it’s still early days at Pine Bay, and Callinex continues to pursue a large mineralized zone with its ongoing drill program, using two drill rigs.

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