Callinex Mines CNX Pine Bay

Callinex Mines (CNX.V) has been focusing on its zinc portfolio in New Brunswick last year, but that doesn’t mean the company is ignoring its assets in Manitoba. The company has now commenced a deep IP survey at the Pine Bay project to figure out if there’s pyrite-rich mineralization that could be hosting zinc and copper mineralization along the three already identified VMS horizons.

Callinex has engaged Abitibi Geophysics to complete the survey as that  company owns the rights to the OreVision Induced Polarization system which is efficient up to a depth four times as deep as the conventional IP range. Callinex is deploying this Deep IP survey after encountering pyrite-rich zones (that had not been identified by conventional IP surveys) through drilling.

The company has also provided an update on its IP survey on the Nash Creek zinc project, and it looks like the survey will be completed soon as  in excess of 80% of the planned amount of line kilometers had already been completed as of last week.

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