Comstock Metals CSL Preview 1

Comstock Metals’ (CSL.V) continues to advance and understand the Preview deposit with metallurgical studies, data interpretation and seeking options for production. Metallurgical test results on the Preview SW deposit have now been released and this study was focusing on confirming the results of the 2013 test work, as well as zooming in on the results of producing gravity and flotation concentrates.

The new results are in line with the expectations as Comstock announced a recovery rate for a gravity + bulk flotation process of 82-89% (Comstock used rock from two different zones, with different qualities) whilst the cyanide leaching phase showed recovery rates of in excess of 98% of the gold.

Not only are these really good results, it also creates options for Comstock Metals on the processing front as the company is now considering the off-site processing of the concentrates. This could reduce the capital expenditures (should Preview SW effectively become a mine), as the gold concentrate could for instance be shipped to SSR Mining’s (SSRM, SSR.TO) Seabee operations for further processing  (as for instance the arsenicum grade in the gravity concentrate has also decreased).

The metallurgical test results are a great way to kick off 2018 as Comstock Metals would like to continue its exploration programs at Preview SW. We had a good chat with CEO David Terry in Vancouver earlier this week and will provide a more in-depth update soon.

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