Cypress Development (CYP.V) has released the results from the metallurgical recovery testing in the Direct Lithium Extraction phase of the flow sheet to recovery lithium from the Clayton Valley claystone.

That’s positive news as this seems to indicate the DLE phase is working on a larger scale as well. With lithium recovery rates consistently averaging in excess of 99%, this appears to be yet another box ticked by Cypress Development. Keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean the company is recovering 99.5% of the in situ lithium. The 99.5% recovery rate comes after the initial steps on the flow sheet where 80-85% of the lithium gets recovered into a lithium solution. And the DLE process subsequently recovers 99.5% of the lithium from this solution.

A few weeks ago, the metallurgical update from the Clayton Valley pilot plant already confirmed the recovery rates will be in the 80-85% range and with the 99.5% DLE recovery rate now confirmed, it lends more credibility to the 83% total recovery rate used in the pre-feasibility study.

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