Fremont Gold (FRE.V) has now received all the permits required to launch an initial drill program on the North Carlin gold project, in Nevada. Fremont has permitted 14 drill sites on the property but initially only plans to drill just three holes for a total of 1,500 meters. Fremont mentioned it will drill ‘a minimum’ of three holes, so let’s see how many holes Fremont will end up completing.

After disappointing drill results at Gold Bar, Gold Canyon and Griffon, the company is obviously hoping for some stellar drill results at North Carlin. We recently published an interview with Fremont CEO Blaine Monaghan discussing both Griffon and North Carlin, and you can read the interview HERE.

Fremont has contracted Boart Longyear for the 2021 drill program at North Carlin, and in a recent update, the company confirmed drilling will start in the first week of January. Depending on how the backlog at the Nevada labs evolves, we may see assay results by the end of February, but that will really depend on the turnaround times at the lab.

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