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Inca One

Inca One Gold (IO.V) has processed 2,018 tonnes (72 tpd) of ore-bearing material at the Chala One processing plant in Chala, Peru. That’s a substantial 33% increase compared to the 1,522 tonnes per day in the same month last year. This resulted in the production of ‘just over’ 910 ounces gold, which is an all time high for this short month and 10% higher than the gold production in January (although we would assume January was a relatively weak month due to new year holidays).

What perhaps pleases us more is Inca One’s ore intake. This has pretty much always been the bottleneck of the Chala One operations but with an intake of 2,066 (almost 2 tonnes per day more than the processing rate for the day), Inca One is efficiently deploying the proceeds from its most recent financing (C$2.3M at C$0.05), which were used to optimize the gold recovery process. It’s still early days, but the production for February is already very encouraging and we hope to see similar results for March. Reaching an average of 75 tonnes per day whilst the ore intake keeps up with the processing rate would be nice.

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