Inca One Gold (IO.V) is slowly increasing the throughput of its two processing facilities again now the delivery of gold-bearing rocks is increasing again after an extended rainy season and relatively weak deliveries in May.

In June, the company produced 1,846 ounces of gold after processing almost 3,800 tonnes of rock. The throughput is in line with the total amount of deliveries (which came in at just over 3,700 tonnes, an increase compared to the less than 3,500 tonnes that were delivered in May despite having one additional calendar day in May).

Inca One gold IO

Inca One should publish its financial results relatively soon, and it will be interesting to see how the rainy season will have impacted the cash flows. The Q3 2019 results (which were published in March) were a pleasant surprise, so let’s hope Inca One will be able to extend that performance in the current financial year now the effect of the rainy season should fade away.

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