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Integra Gold (ICG.V) has mobilized its first drill rig at the Triangle deposit and started its first underground drill program. This drill program will be drill-testing the C2 structure in 10 meter spacings to be prepared for the bulk sample in the second half of this year. The underground drill and bulk sampling program will be facilitated by the exploration ramp, where almost 1,350 meters of underground development have already been completed, so far.

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BBA has been appointed as the company’s main consultant to oversee the bulk sampling process which will be focusing on the upper part of the C2 structure. Integra’s drill programs have confirmed the average thickness of this structure to be almost 4 meters, up from a previous estimate of 3.2 meters. As this structure would be the main ore source during the first four years of the mine life, it makes a lot of sense for Integra to increase its confidence in the resource by decreasing the spacing from 25 meters to 10 meters. The  underground drill program is also relatively large with Integra expecting to complete 10,000 meters of drilling.

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In an updated resource, the C2 structure is now expected to contain approximately 325,000 ounces of gold compared to just 170,000 ounces in the November 2016 resource estimate. Not only did the total C2 resource almost double, the average grade of the indicated resources (which almost tripled) increased by 11% to 8.65 g/t gold. We would expect the bulk sample to confirm this grade, and perhaps show an even higher grade as the grades in this resource estimate were capped. Recent infill drill results from the same C2 structure have once again emphasized the high-grade zones at this specific structure with 4.1 meters of 13.95 g/t gold and almost 2 meters at 34.3 g/t gold (both results are capped at 34.3 g/t).

Integra is planning to take a 25,000 tonnes bulk sample, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see 8-10,000 ounces being recovered from this bulk sample and to see a ‘real’ average grade of closer to 10 g/t (uncapped).

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