Kenadyr Mining KEN Borubai 2

Kenadyr Mining (KEN.V) has finalized a contract with Quest Exploration Drilling for a high-impact core and reverse circulation drill program on its Borubai gold licenses in the Kyrgyz Republic. Kenadyr thinks drilling will start within the next 90 days, focusing on drill-testing the previously drilled holes in the Soviet era. Whilst this hasn’t proven to be easy in a drill program when Kenadyr still was a private company, a larger drill program could be more efficient in following up on and confirming the Soviet drill results.

Kenadyr Mining KEN Borubai

Modern exploration techniques should also provide more detailed information about the geological structures at Borubai, as the average core recovery was just 60% during the Soviet era, when almost 100,000 meters of drilling have been completed.

This year’s exploration program won’t just consist of drilling, as Kenadyr also plans to complete a substantial channel and soil sample program in the area which could provide additional information to define new drill targets.

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