M2 Cobalt MC Kilembe

M2 Cobalt (MC.V) has now received the final results from its helicopter VTEM survey on the Kilembe properties. The company completed almost 3,000 line kilometers of flying to complete a high-resolution database of exploration targets on the property. M2 Cobalt was specifically looking for buried Kilembe-style deposits, which would carry the same signatures as the past-producing Kilembe Cobalt-Copper mine.

In a previous update, the company announced the discovery of two high priority drill targets, and a further assessment of the data has unveiled an additional 719 targets that will have to be followed up on. Of those 719 targets, 80 are considered to be high priority targets, and will immediately be followed up on by the company’s field team which will conduct a geotechnical sampling program. This will allow the company to design a drill program.

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