Medallion Resources MDL Plant

After a dedicated and detailed metallurgical test program, Medallion Resources (MDL.V) has now completed its flow sheet to extract Rare Earth Elements from a monazite sand product, which usually is the discarded product from mineral sands operations as it’s considered to be ‘waste’.

This is an important step for the company as it can now use the flow sheet to further finetune the expected economics of a monazite processing plant as the new flow sheet provides a lot of additional information which were needed to formally initiate price quote discussions (for instance to discharge the waste products and the ability to use ‘common’ equipment that doesn’t have to be custom made). Medallion also focused on increasing the automatization of the plant to reduce the required manpower (and associated labor costs) and (obviously) wanted the entire production process to be as energy-efficient as possible.

Now a (definitive) flow sheet has been established, Medallion Resources will be able to finetune the economics of a monazite processing plant.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Medallion Resources. Medallion is a sponsor of the website.

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