Central Asia Metals (CAML.L) which operates the Kounrad copper mine in Kazakhstan and the polymetallic Sasa mine in North Macedonia reported production results that were in line with the expectations. During the third quarter of the year, the company produced just over 4,000 tonnes of copper, almost 6,200 tonnes of zinc and just short of 7,400 tonnes of lead. This brought the total metal production in the first nine months of the year to roughly the same levels as last year, emphasizing the relatively consistent nature of CAML’s mining operations.

The Sasa mine appears to be humming along quite nicely with tonnages, grades and average recovery rates for the zinc and lead coming in in line with the expectations. The zinc and lead concentrate also continues to meet the smelter criteria with a concentrate grade of 50% for the zinc concentrate and 71.9% for the lead concentrate.

Disclosure: The author has no position in Central Asia Metals.

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