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Tethyan Resources (TETH.V) has now completed and published the assay results of a 7-hole, 2,450 meter drill program on its Rudnica copper-gold project in Serbia. Three holes were drilled into the Rudnica system, while Rudnica North also was the subject of four drill holes.

The strongest results were encountered at Rudnica with 142 meters containing 0.51% copper and 0.31 g/t gold starting at surface, 335 meters of 0.36% copper and 0.31 g/t gold starting at a depth of 68 meters (after the first 30 meters from surface already encountered 0.04% copper and 0.38 g/t gold) and hole 15 which intersected several thick layers of low-grade material (4 intervals of around 100 meters at a copper-equivalent grade between 0.26% and 0.31%.

The first two holes are absolutely excellent, the third hole is a bit lower grade but could be used to blend with some of the higher-grade zones encountered in the first two holes (with for instance 50 meters at 1.2% copper and 0.25 g/t gold for a copper-equivalent grade of 1.36%).

Tethyan Resources TETH Rudnica

The four holes at Rudnica North weren’t nearly as good as the intercepts were shorter and at a substantially lower grade (with for instance 64 meters at 0.12% copper and 0.18 g/t gold, 69 meters at 0.05% copper and 0.21 g/t gold and 50 meters at 0.03% copper and 0.23 g/t gold). Not very exciting, but also not completely worthless considering the size of the mineralized system at Rudnica.

Tethyan Resources will now be developing a district-wide exploration program for the second half of the year where the mineralization appears to remain open to the south and southeast, while the Kremice target (10 kilometers north of Rudnica) will also receive some attention.

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