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Tethyan Resources (TETH.V) has sent two samples from its Kizevak project to the Mining and Metallurgy Institute in Bor, Serbia. The samples were collected from the two dominant systems on the Kizevak property: massive sulphide vein breccias and fracture fill mineralization.

The samples will be subject to bench-scale flotation tests to check how amenable they are to the usual procedures to get to a separate lead and zinc concentrate which could then subsequently be used to help defining an economic model once Tethyan completes another round of drilling at Kizevak.

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Tethyan is also preparing to submit some of its core samples for petrology and ore microscopy work. We asked exploration manager Andrew Tunningley about this, and he explained to us the petrology will help Tethyan to get a more detailed interpretation of the geology and the results of the geophysical survey. Petrology helps companies to determine the relationship between alteration and mineralization, the amount of mineralizing events as well as the nature (and formation) of the volcanic rocks. The ore microscopy will help Tethyan with the interpretation of metallurgical test results, and it will allow it to be more efficient when it tries to optimize the metallurgical recovery rates.

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