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Northland Resources – Update

Northland Resources (NAU.TO – halted) announced earlier this week that the vessel Star Norita is currently en route to the Netherlands to unload 55,000 tonnes of iron ore at the […]

Kaunisvaara mine area

Northland Resources – Averaging down

After issuing a partial sell recommendation on Northland Resources (NAU.TO) on December 11th at C$1.02, we are looking to retake our position now at C$0.14. We sold approximately half of […]

Northland Resources SA

Northland Resources – partial profit taking

Northland Resources (NAU.TO) closed yesterday at C$1.02, up 65% from our first alert on the blog in August. Although we still believe there’s more potential, it wouldn’t be a bad […]

Kaunisvaara mine area

Northland Resources – Ticking another box

Northland Resources SA (NAU.TO) announced today they secured four daily train slots on the Malmbanan railway. These four slots will allow the company to transport all the iron ore produced […]

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Betting on Iron Ore

As said in our blogpost on Northland Resources yesterday, iron ore prices have been sliding for almost 2 months now. 62%Fe is currently trading between $90 and $95 per tonne, […]