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Aben Resources (ABN.V) has now started its initial 5,000 meter drill program on its Forrest Kerr gold project in the Golden Triangle area in British Columbia. The initial focus of the drill program will be on the North Boundary Zone where last year’s exploration program encountered 10 meters of in excess of 1.1 ounces of gold per tonne of rock, including one nugget-like interval of 1 meter containing 331 g/t gold.

It makes a lot of sense for Aben to follow up on this hole, and the first few holes at North Boundary will try to figure out if there’s a mineralized extension towards the north (where virtually no exploration has taken place) and the south, where Aben is hoping to prove up a connection between the North Boundary discovery of last year and the hole drilled by Noranda in 1991 which assayed up to 326 g/t gold. Aben appears to be very well prepared for this drill program and has permitted an additional 45 drill pad locations compared to last year. The only potential threat we now see are forest fires, so let’s hope that area (and BC in general) won’t have to deal with fires as nasty as last year.

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The North Boundary zone is just one zone on Aben’s land package, and the South Boundary zone won’t be ignored this year. As you may remember, Aben’s 2018 drill program encountered polymetallic mineralization at South Boundary and the company is now interpreting those results as the potential pathfinder towards a deeper system. The company is budgeting for some deeper holes at South Boundary this summer, so it will be interesting to see what they can pull out of the ground. Keep in mind deep holes aren’t cheap and Aben will very likely drill just a few of them so let’s not get too excited just yet as these are pretty much wildcat holes trying to confirm a theory.

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The announcement of the start of the drill activities in the Golden Triangle are follows hot on the heels of completing a 1,556 meter drill program in the Yukon Territory where Aben has been working on the Justin gold project. The majority of the drilled meters (963 meters in 4 holes) were completed by a diamond drill rig and was specifically aimed at determining the bulk tonnage potential at Justin. Assay results should be published within the next few weeks.

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