Prize Mining PRZ Toughnut Daylight Kena 1

Prize Mining (PRZ.V) has now received an amended Mines Act permit from British Columbia’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources. This permit now allows the company to continue its exploration program at Daylight, where a drill program could start any week now as previous exploration programs have already generated plenty of high-priority drill targets.

The amended permit will make it easier to effectively drill those targets as efficient as possible as it allows Prize to create 20 trenching sites, 25 drill sites and to construct 3 kilometers of access trails. Prize also expects to receive similar permits for its Toughnut property.

Meanwhile, Prize’s US listing (ticker symbol PRZFF) is now DTC eligible, and this could enhance the visibility and trading pattern of the company as it’s now easier for US-based investors to trade in Prize Mining’s shares.

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