Blackheath Resources (BHR.V) continues to work on its Covas, Borralha and Bejanca projects in Portugal. At Covas, the company has mined approximately 200 kilograms of material which has subsequently been sent off for metallurgical test work. On top of that, the company has started an environmental impact study to prepare a baseline study in the wider Covas region with a special focus on the zones where the tungsten is occurring.

On top of that, Blackheath has also started an internal study to mull over the possibility to install a small scale plant at the Cerdeirinha zone at Covas. As you might remember, Blackheath was awarded an experimental mining license back in 2013. The initial three year term of this license is almost expiring (in August), but according to the Portuguese mining laws, Blackheath can apply for a two year extension. Having a pilot plant up and running at Covas will definitely help the company to understand the production process at Covas.


Blackheath also collected 150 kilograms of material at the Borralha project as part of the ongoing ‘mining assessment study’ underway at the project, whilst an additional 14 test mining pits have been completed at Bejanca. The new pits were located in the zones with a higher tin-value and are currently being sampled.

Even though Blackheath doesn’t issue a lot of press releases, the company continues to advance its projects and the recently closed C$700,000 private placement will allow Blackheath to continue its efforts.

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