Blackheath Resources (BHR.V) has released an exploration update on its Bejanca tungsten-tin project in Portugal. The company has completed a low-cost mining pit sampling program on the eluvial zones at Bejanca, with a focus on determining whether or not these eluvial zones could possibly be mined in the same way as a placer gold mining operation due to the specific gravity of both tungsten and tin.

BHR Blackheath
BHR Blackheath

Blackheat has been digging 50 test pits and 21 of those pits are showing values of in excess of 440 ppm tin resulting in a rock value of approximately $7/t (excluding the tungsten credits). This is low, but as the ore could be processed through a simple gravity processing plant, a small-scale operation could be profitable considering the average tin content of the pit was 792 ppm for an in situ rock value of almost $12/t. According to CEO Alexander Langer, starting a small-scale mining operation is a real possibility.

 For a minimal capital outlay, we believe these eluvials could be processed into a saleable concentrate. We will continue further work at Bejanca including a test processing plant in partnership with a local university in Portugal.

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