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Callinex Mines (CNX.V) has now analyzed the results of the Borehole Pulse ElectroMagnetic Survey (‘BPEM’) in hole 004 at Sourdough, and these results are indicating there’s a very large anomaly in that hole which makes it a high-priority exploration target for the company. Whereas the Pine Bay deposit has a Tau of 50-60 milliseconds and the Sourdough Tau results were less than 10 milliseconds, this new anomaly has a Tau of in excess of 150 milliseconds. The Tau results allow the company to ‘measure’ the conductivity of the rocks underneath to find out if there could be an area of interest down there.

Callinex Mines CNX Pine Bay

In this case there definitely seems to be a good reason to follow up on these Tau—readings, and according to the company, the large BPEM anomaly is quite huge with a strike length of 750 meters and a vertical depth of approximately 400 meters. CEO Porterfield confirms this, as he says the system seems to be more robust than previously interpreted, making this zone a very compelling exploration opportunity.

We’re happy to see the recent re-focus towards zinc didn’t hurt the company, as the positive results from the Pine Bay project in Manitoba are still quite good. Callinex will drill-test this new anomaly at Sourdough during its Summer 2016 drill program, and we’re already looking forward to find out what the company might find!

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