Great Bear Resources (GBR.V) has released more details on its metallurgical test program on its Dixie gold project. As most gold projects either stand or fall with the recovery rates, it was most definitely excellent to see the recovery rate of the gold at the Hinge zone also yielded the same high recovery rates encountered in other zones. The 95-97% recovery rates obtained at Hinge are also in line with the recovery rates of projects throughout the Red Lake gold district.

The tests were based on an 18 kilogram composite sample, of which two one kilogram samples with an average grade of just over 13 g/t gold were used for a 48 hour bottle roll procedure. The first sample used an 80% passing at 112 micro-meter and this yielded a 95.4% recovery rate while the second sample with a p80 of 74 micro-meter showed slightly higher recovery rates at 97.2%. Both are excellent results and reaching these elevated recovery results in a first pass test could indicate Great Bear won’t have to spend too much time (and money) on further optimizing the recovery rates. Sure, additional studies will be conducted but with an average recovery rate of 95-97%, Great Bear is already delivering on the expectations.

And just a few months after adding Michael Kenyon to its board of directors, Great Bear added another strong name to its board of directors. Paula Rogers will be nominated to the board of directors at the next general meeting, and with a background at Goldcorp, Silver Wheaton and Wheaton River Minerals she will likely add a lot of input on the financial and financing front. A very useful addition, and Great Bear seems to be steadily building out a very strong board of directors.

Disclosure: The author has a long position in Great Bear Resources. Great Bear is a sponsor of the website. Please read our disclaimer.

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