Inca One IO 1

Inca One Gold (IO.V) has produced almost 1,300 ounces of gold in July, as it processed 2,989 tonnes of rock, indicating an average recoverable grade of approximately 13.4 g/t gold per tonne of rock and an average daily throughput of 96 tonnes per day. Considering the Chala One facility has a nameplate capacity of 100 tonnes per day, Inca One’s operational performance is excellent.

Even more important was the ore intake: Inca One purchased 3,950 tonnes of mineralized rock, which means its stockpile has increased by approximately 1,000 tonnes, creating a more comfortable buffer to bridge the periods with a lower intake. It also confirms the company remains an attractive partner for the small-scale miners as an ore intake of in excess of 120 tonnes per day equals 6 20-tonne trucks coming through the gates.

We are currently analyzing the company’s full-year financial performance, and will provide an update in due course.

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