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K92 Mining (KNT.V) has released the results from the first six exploration holes at the Judd Vein system on the Kainantu gold project. These six holes have now confirmed the mineralization is extending over at least an additional 2,000 meters from where the previous drilling was stopped.

As this is a high-grade narrow vein system, the intervals are pretty short, with for instance 15 centimeters of 11.94 g/t AuEq and 1.18 meters at 12.46 g/t AuEq.

K92 Mining Kainantu KNT

It’s important to realize the Judd system is running parallel to the existing and well-identified Irumafimpa-Kora vein system, and is generally less than 100 meters away from the main decline into Irumafimpa (which is currently being mined by K92 Mining), and this confirms the expansion potential at the Kainantu Mine.

The exploration activities are going well, but we also hope to see a production update sooner rather than later, as that’s what will really get the market excited. Selling gold for hard cash (at a profit) will always be more appealing than exploration results.

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