Medallion Resources MDL Monazite

Medallion Resources (MDL.V) has shipped a sample of its REE concentrate to partner Rare Earth Salts, which will process it at its Nebraska-based facility to determine the product specifications. As we explained before, Medallion has been able to process monazite sands to recover the Rare Earth Eleements from these sands. On top of that, the company was extremely successful in removing as much of the (low value) cerium as possible.

This resulted in a major boost to the value of the concentrate (expressed in $/kg), and as the REE prices appear to be on the rise again, Medallion’s efforts might be timed exceptionally well. The EV revolution is ongoing, and whilst the market seems to be fully focusing on battery metals like cobalt and copper, but seems to forget the REE’s are playing an equally important role. As Medallion’s concentrate contains 41.6% of neodymium and praseodymium (on a combined basis), its concentrate will very likely be highly sought after, and the tests by Rare Earth Salts will further validate Medallion’s own test work.

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