Aben South Anomaly

Aben Resources (ABN.V) is on a roll here, as just two weeks after announcing spectacular assay results (click here to read our update on the first hole) from the very first hole of the drill campaign on the so-called North Boundary zone, the company has now confirmed a new discovery, approximately 1.5 kilometers south of that zone. For obvious reasons, the new zone has been called South Boundary zone.

There are no assay results for South Boundary just yet, so for now this is a ‘geologic’ discovery. The three holes that were drilled on this zone returned several horizons of quartz-sulphie veins of chalcopyrite within a zone of alterated Hazelton Group volcanic rock. That’s the same signature as discovered at North Boundary (and the entire 8 square kilometer anomaly), and the drill holes at South Boundary confirmed the electromagnetic anomaly. An interesting update from a geological perspective, but the proof will be in the pudding, and we’re looking forward to see the assay results of the three South Boundary holes. Should South and North Boundary be connected, Aben Resources might have to re-think its exploration strategy as the total exploration target might become pretty sizeable.

Aben has now completed 16 drill holes (for a total of 4,850 meters) of which 13 were drilled at North Boundary and 3 were drilled at South Boundary. The assay results of 15 holes remain pending, but we hope to see a first batch of drill results any day now. As Aben has now also raised in excess of C$4M, the drill program has been expanded and will continue as long as the weather conditions permit.

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