Allegiant Gold

In the first week of December we visited the Eastside and Bolo projects in Nevada, owned by Allegiant Gold (AUAU.V). Allegiant Gold is the spin-off from Columbus Gold (CGT.TO) that wanted to simplify its corporate structure by spinning out its non-French Guiana assets into a new company, headed by Andy Wallace from Cordex Exploration.

In this site visit report, we will have a closer look at the Eastside and Bolo projects (both 100% owned by Allegiant Gold) which we visited during our field trip.

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Disclosure: We have a long position in Allegiant Gold, but no relationship with the company. Please read the disclaimer





  1. Since two weeks I try to get this visit report, please check your linking System to Alligant/Caesar

    Many thanks

    • Hi Hermann,

      Did you try searching in your emails on “Visiting Newly Listed Allegiant Gold [Email Exclusive]”?

      The email address you used here is not in our system, upon subscribing you will receive the email.

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      Caesars Report Team

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