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Volcanic Gold Mines (VG.V) has now  reported the details of its prospecting and mapping program at the Mandiana gold project in Guinea, where the company has been focusing on a 6.3 kilometer long target which has never been drilled before, but where artisanal miners have been very active.

As you can see on the previous image, the artisanal workings on Volcanic’s claims all show the same north-south trend with the Tadibakourou zone being almost perfectly parallel to the known Yagbelen and Woyondjan structures further towards the northeast from Tadibakourou. Not only will this make it easier for Volcanic to ‘chase’ the structure and put some drill rigs at work to test and define underground structures, the Tadibakourou prospect seems to be extremely rich in nature.

Volcanic Gold Mines VG 1

According to the orpailleurs, one shaft recovered 64 ounces (or almost 1 ounce per vertical meter) whilst another shallow shaft reaching a total depth of just 10 meters recovered 23 ounces of gold. Of course, these are just ‘anecdotal’ reports and cannot be verified but even if you’d take these results with a grain of salt, it would definitely make sense for Volcanic to redirect an air core drill rig to these zones to figure out what’s hiding beneath the surface.

This opens up a whole new part of the Mandiana gold project and after having confirmed the occurrence of gold along strike of the currently known resource at Yagbelen, it shouldn’t be too difficult to add a lot more ounces to the current 612,000 ounce resource.

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