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Revett Mining signs $5M equipment finance agreement

Revett Mining (RVM.TO, NYSEMKT:RVM) announced it has signed an agreement with a major equipment financing company which lends Revett $5M with the company’s underground and some of its surface equipment […]

Revett Mining Inc.

Report: Revett Mining – Update

All eyes are currently focused on the reopening of the Troy Mine which had to shut down in December 2012 after a seismic event forced the company to halt its […]

Revett Minerals Inc. - Troy Mine

Another update from Revett Minerals

Revett Minerals (RVM.TO; NYSEMKT:RVM) has provided another corporate and operational update. As of at the end of September, Revett still had a working capital position of $13.5M, which means the […]

Revett Minerals Inc.

Bad news for Revett Minerals

Revett Minerals (RVM.TO, NYSEMKT:RVM) has announced an update on the status of the Troy Mine in Montana, USA. As further dewatering has revealed more structural damage to the haulage route, […]