Comstock Metals CSL Rawhide Claim map

Comstock Metals (CSL.V) has now completed a first pass exploration program on its Rawhide copper-cobalt-silver property in Ontario, and the assay results of the 411 samples (381 soil samples and 30 rock samples) have now been released. These samples were taken at 50 meter intervals along the East-West spaced gridlines on the property, whilst the magnetic geophysical survey was conducted on 100 meter east-west lines as well.

Comstock Metals CSL Rawhide Samples

Of the 31 rock samples, 5 (16%) returned values of in excess of 0.10% cobalt while 7 samples (23%) contained in excess of 1% copper (all the way up to 3.85% copper). The grades encountered in the soil sampling program were obviously much lower and of the 381 samples, 23 samples (6%) returned values of in excess of 0.01% cobalt with just 4 samples (1%) returning values of in excess of 0.1% cobalt. However, all four samples containing in excess of 0.1% cobalt appear to be on a specific north-east trend and occur on a 600 by 200 meter surface area. A second anomaly covers a similar surface area (600 by 200 meters) and has now been called Bloom Lake South. A third cobalt anomaly with in excess of 0.02% cobalt was named Bloom Lake North.

These three anomalies are located on approximately 2 kilometers from each other and will very likely be the focus of Comstock’s exploration programs to follow up on these sampling results. The company is currently applying for a drill permit as Comstock would like to drill-test these anomalies as soon as possible.

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