K92 Mining KNT Kainantu Kora 2

K92 Mining (KNT.V) has been working towards securing larger bulk samples from the Kora North vein in the final quarter of last year, and using the data from a 200 meter long horizontal development push, the company designed two cut and fill stopes.

Both stopes were approximately 100 meters long and are being mined in 2 meter intervals, for a total expected tonnage of 2,500 tonnes per stope. The material from stope 1185 ON has been mined now, and 2,000 tonnes of material were processed at the mill. According to the assay results of the mill feed, the average grade of these 2,000 tonnes was approximately 10.5 g/t gold and 0.57% copper, resulting in the production of 611 ounces gold and just over 25,000 pounds of copper.

K92 Mining KNT Kainantu Kora

Whilst we shouldn’t be surprised by these numbers (the average grade of the Kora resource estimate is 7.1 g/t gold and 2.2% copper, so the bulk sample appears to have a higher gold grade but a lower copper grade)), it’s great to see the numbers are actually working out. A second batch of 3,000 tonnes is currently being processed and we’re looking forward to see the grades of this material as well as the recovery rates (which were above 91% for the gold and higher than 92% for the copper – which is really good).

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