Redstar Gold RGC 1 Shumagin Unga 2

Redstar Gold (RGC.V) has received and released the results of an IP survey and ground magnetic program on its Shumagin zone, part of the Unga gold project. This geophysical program has now confirmed the Shumagin Fault is continuing for at least 600 meters starting from the most  southwest drill hole. Keep in mind the survey was limited to that 600 meters, so technically, the (mineralized?) structure remains open along strike in both directions, and that’s an incredibly important step forward.

Redstar Gold RGC 1 Shumagin Unga

That’s great news, but we were also very impressed to see the ground program has also identified a second parallel structure, 400 meters north of the Shumagin footwall. This parallel zone also seems to have a strike length of at least 600 meters, and Redstar Gold will complete a geochemical exploration program on this zone to define high-priority drill targets.

With almost C$6M in the treasury, Redstar Gold is 100% ready for an action-packed summer exploration season.

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