Fremont Gold (FRE.V) has now defined several drill targets on its Gold Bar project in Nevada after its ground crews have identified several relatively large soil anomalies (gold and mercury, which has proven to be an excellent pathfinder element when exploring for Carlin type deposits) in the southeastern direction from the past-producing mine. As you can see on the next two images, there’s one specific target which has returned excellent gold and mercury values, and it’s not a surprise to see Fremont Gold would like to drill-test this target as soon as possible (probably in the spring of next year) as this area has never been drilled before.



What makes these anomalies particularly interesting is Fremont’s exploration model, which thinks the anomalies are located on top of the Missisippian Webb formation and the Devonian Denay Limestone (which should be relatively shallow, according to the geological interpretation of Fremont’s technical team). The company’s VP Exploration, Clay Newton, thinks the mineralization has been offset by a series of northeast trending faults, and this indicates the (potential) southern extension of the Gold Bar mine has been offset towards the northeast (and thus towards the east of the gold bar mine).

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