James Bay
James Bay

X-Terra Resources (XTT.V) has now received and released the final results of an airborne geophysical survey, which has identified several new precious metals targets. The magnetic data have highlighted no less than 1,400 Electromagnetic conductors, which are basically conductive horizons.

The magnetic signature and EM conductors correlate very well to the stratiform trend, and one specific area is blurred, and X-Terra confirms this ‘blur’ is caused by the mineralization and E-W stratigraphy on the outcrops being cross-cut by a N-E oriented regional foliation. This really tells X-Terra much more about where it should go look for its gold, and as CEO Michael Ferreira correctly states, the company now has several high quality (and probably high priority) targets.

Veronneau Project Geophysics + historical drill holes

It all started out as a concept based on the Veronneau showing, but all pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into place now, and the simple fact X-Terra Resources has locked up the entire greenstone belt at and around the Veronneau showing means it will be able to do whatever it wants as no other ‘claim stakers’ will be able to piggyback on X-Terra’s hard work. The 2017 exploration season will be very interesting, and we’re looking forward to see the company’s next updates.

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