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Inca One links Chala One to the power grid

Inca One Gold (IO.V) has confirmed the Chala One processing plant near Chala, Peru is now officially connected to the power grid. The regional power supplier has tested and approved […]

Report: Inca One Gold – Onwards and Upwards

Inca One Gold (IO.V) has just completed an equity raise of in excess of C$6M which allows the company to boost its working capital and perhaps even more important, to […]

Inca One Gold Caesars Report Site Visit

Report: Inca One Gold Site Visit

As Inca One Gold (IO.V) has made some major steps forward in the past months and quarters, we wanted to see the changes for ourselves and flew to Peru to […]

Inca One Gold

Report: Inca One Gold – Tonnes of Fun

An investment in Inca Gold (IO.V) is a bet on the confluence of two otherwise highly incompatible subjects matters: environmental protection and gold production. An investment in Inca Gold is […]