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Brixton Metals (BBB.V) has released its first drill results from the Langis silver project in Ontario, Canada. We have been looking forward to see the assay results of this drill program, as Brixton wanted to find out  what the ‘old timers’ had left behind at Langis.

The company has already completed ten drill holes and reported on the results of first three of those. Unfortunately the first two holes were duds as hole 1 encountered underground workings and the drill crew stopped the hole and hole two came up empty, but Brixton seems to have hit some interesting mineralization in the third drill holes.

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We obviously can’t be unhappy with 4.15 meters at almost 5 g/t gold and 400 g/t silver, and even if you’d exclude the intercept of 22 centimeters of 75 g/t gold and in excess of 5.2 kilos of silver per tonne of rock, the average grade in the remaining part of the intercept was still 0.98 g/t gold and approximately 4 ounces of silver per tonne of rock. A similar interval was encountered a little bit deeper down-hole with 20 centimeters of 6.35 kilo of silver per tonne of rock in a wider intercept of 3.13 meters of in excess of 60 ounces of silver per tonne of rock.

Even if you’d exclude the 20 centimeter interval, the average silver grade of the remaining 2.93 meters would still be in excess of 1,500 g/t silver. The company calls the exploration results ‘encouraging’ and is now planning to follow up with more drilling and an IP geophysical survey.

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On top of that, the company’s updated interpretation of the mineralization at Thorn has now identified a large gold-in soil anomaly with encountered grades of up to 19 g/t (as well as 136 g/t silver) during a sampling program. Brixton will very likely focus on the Chivas zone which already has a surface area of no less than 5 square kilometers, and remains open in several directions.

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